HB 3513 Oregon

Firearm Hold Agreement

Authorizes federal firearms licensee or other person to enter into firearm hold agreement with firearm owner. Provides immunity from liability for person who takes possession of firearm pursuant to firearm hold agreement except in actions arising from unlawful conduct.

Directs Oregon Health Authority to establish grant program to fund storage of firearms pursuant to firearm hold agreement. Appropriates moneys to authority to fund grants.

Requires that training course for concealed handgun license include use of firearm hold agreements for firearm suicide prevention.
Provides that transfer of firearm pursuant to firearm hold agreement is exempt from private transfer criminal background check requirement.

Position: Support

Status: House Judiciary Committee

HB 2006 Oregon

Limits Possession and Sale/Transfer of Firearms to People Under 21, Exceptions for Some Rifles and Parent/Guardian Transfers

Much of the content of HB 2006 has been added to HB 2005B.

This bill would prohibit sales and transfers of firearms in Oregon to people under the age of 21. Exceptions: People under 21 may possess certain types of rifles and may possess firearms given to them by their parents or guardians.

No action has been taken on this bill since March 22, 2023.

Position: Support

Status: House Judiciary Committee

HB 2373 Oregon

DOJ Study of Unlawful Possession of Firearms

Directs Department of Justice to study ways to address unlawful possession of firearms, and to provide results of study to interim committees of Legislative Assembly no later than December 31, 2024. Sunsets January 2, 2025.

This bill is not likely to move forward because it has not been scheduled for a hearing.

Position: Support

Status: House Judiciary Committee

HB 2005 B Oregon

Ban Ghost Guns

Signed into law on July 13. Congratulations!
Prohibits manufacture or possession of firearms or firearm receivers that lack serial numbers and firearms that lack a metal piece (called a security exemplar) that allows metal detectors to detect firearms.

HB 2005 B continues Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s work to prevent hate groups and terrorists from printing guns that are undetectable and untraceable.

Undetectable guns can completely bypass metal detectors at security check points.

The following has been removed from HB 2005 to appease Republicans:

Increases the age of purchase or possession of a firearm to 21 with exceptions of hunting rifles or firearms transferred to the minor as a gift from a parent or guardian.

Allows active duty military and police under 21 to possess firearms regardless of increased risk of suicide.

Gives cities, counties, districts, and municipal corporations control to regulate carry of concealed guns.

Position: Support

Status: Senate Rules Committee

SB 348 Oregon

Modified Measure 114 (Was DOJ Study of Unlawful Possession of Firearms)

SB 348 will not move forward in the 2023 session. The bill is not necessary to fund or implement Measure 114 which is already the law in Oregon but is waiting for a court stay to be lifted for implementation.

Position: Support

Status: Joint Committee On Ways and Means Subcommittee On Capital Construction

SB 551 Oregon

Schools Provide Information About Secure Storage of Medications and Firearms

Requires school districts to provide specified information related to secure storage of medications and firearms. Directs Oregon Health Authority to make information available to school districts.

Hearings have not been scheduled for this bill, therefore, the bill is unlikely to move forward in the 2023 legislative session.

Position: Support

Status: Senate Education Committee

SB 527 Oregon

Gun Dealers Will Not Face Discrimination Charges for Not Selling Firearms to People Under Age of 21

Federal licensed firearms dealers who do not sell firearms to people under the age of 21 will no longer face discrimination charges.

Position: Support

Status: Senate Judiciary Committee

HB 3060 Oregon

Tax Credit for Gun Safes

Establishes tax credit against personal income taxes for purchase of qualifying gun safes or locking mechanisms. Applies to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2024, and before January 1, 2030.

Position: Support

Status: House Judiciary Committee

HR 7910 National

Protect Our Kids Act

This bill makes various changes to federal firearms laws, including to establish new criminal offenses and to expand the types of weapons and devices that are subject to regulation.

Among the changes, the bill:
-generally prohibits the sale or transfer of certain semiautomatic firearms to individuals who are under 21 years of age;
-establishes new federal criminal offenses for gun trafficking and related conduct;
-establishes a federal statutory framework to regulate ghost guns (i.e., guns without serial numbers);
-establishes a framework to regulate the storage of firearms on residential premises at the federal, state, and tribal levels;
-subjects bump stocks to regulation under federal firearms laws; and
-generally prohibits the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, and possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices (more than 15 rounds).

Position: Support

Status: US Senate

Measure 114 Oregon

Permit to Purchase a Firearm, Limit High-Capacity Ammunition

Measure 114 requires a permit to purchase a firearm, hands on training before a firearm is purchased, a successfully COMPLETED background check, and limits high-capacity magazines to ten rounds.

Position: Support

Status: Measure 114 is is the law in Oregon.