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Ceasefire Oregon’s Responds to Roseburg News Review

The News Review recently published a letter from Terry Stafford entitled “Working, tax paying citizens they are not” in which he suggested “shooting this year’s crop of protestors” and then “burying them at sea.” (January 25, 2017) Mr. Stafford apparently … read more

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An Honest Look at Oregon’s Gun Violence Problem

The 2017 Oregon Legislature convenes today. A number of proposals to reduce the risk of gun-related deaths and injuries stemming from criminal activity, unintentional shootings, and suicide have already been introduced and more are expected. Ceasefire Oregon supports effective, fact-based … read more

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Be The Rebuilder Of Our Great Nation

Be The Rebuilder Of Our Great Nation   The eyes of the world are upon our country but, more importantly, the eyes of our children are upon us.   We cannot afford the luxury of despair. We must not blink … read more