HB 3513 : Firearm Hold Agreement

Position: Support Status: House Judiciary Committee

Authorizes federal firearms licensee or other person to enter into firearm hold agreement with firearm owner. Provides immunity from liability for person who takes possession of firearm pursuant to firearm hold agreement except in actions arising from unlawful conduct.

Directs Oregon Health Authority to establish grant program to fund storage of firearms pursuant to firearm hold agreement. Appropriates moneys to authority to fund grants.

Requires that training course for concealed handgun license include use of firearm hold agreements for firearm suicide prevention.
Provides that transfer of firearm pursuant to firearm hold agreement is exempt from private transfer criminal background check requirement.


4-3 (H) Work Session scheduled
3-28 (H) Public Hearing scheduled
3-3 (H) Referred to Judiciary
2-28 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk

This bipartisan bill was submitted by Democratic Representative Tran and Republican Senator Boquist. The bill allows a lawful gun owner to enter into a temporary “Firearm Hold Agreement” with either a federally licensed firearms dealer (an FFL) or a person lawfully permitted to possess firearms. The Agreement will allow gun owners who are experiencing suicidal thoughts to temporarily remove a firearm from their homes, thus greatly reducing the chance of suicide.

The Agreement provides immunity from liability for the FFL or person temporarily keeping the firearm with exceptions for criminal actions.

HB 3513 directs Oregon Health Authority to establish grant program to fund storage of firearms. The cost should not be borne by the taxpayers but by a fee incurred with the transfer or sale of firearms and the sale of ammunition.

Information about the “Firearm Hold Agreement” must be included in the training required for a permit to purchase a firearm required by law under Measure 114.