SB 551 : Schools Provide Information About Secure Storage of Medications and Firearms

Position: Support Status: Senate Education Committee

Requires school districts to provide specified information related to secure storage of medications and firearms. Directs Oregon Health Authority to make information available to school districts.

Hearings have not been scheduled for this bill, therefore, the bill is unlikely to move forward in the 2023 legislative session.


3-30 (S) Work Session scheduled but not held
3-7 (S) 3:00 PM The Senate Committee on Education held a public hearing
1-11 (S) Referred to Education
1-9 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk

SB 551 provides necessary information to families about the need to secure firearms and medications. Far more work, however, must be taken up by the Oregon legislation to reduce gun violence. For example, the 2023 Oregon legislative session marks the FOURTH attempt for the Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and a Democratic Governor to pass a bill to ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of ghost guns which are undetectable and untraceable firearms. SB 551 is a helpful bill but much more can and must be done to address the escalating gun violence in Oregon.