HB 2005 B : Ban Ghost Guns

Position: Support Status: Senate Rules Committee

Signed into law on July 13. Congratulations!
Prohibits manufacture or possession of firearms or firearm receivers that lack serial numbers and firearms that lack a metal piece (called a security exemplar) that allows metal detectors to detect firearms.

HB 2005 B continues Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s work to prevent hate groups and terrorists from printing guns that are undetectable and untraceable.

Undetectable guns can completely bypass metal detectors at security check points.

The following has been removed from HB 2005 to appease Republicans:

Increases the age of purchase or possession of a firearm to 21 with exceptions of hunting rifles or firearms transferred to the minor as a gift from a parent or guardian.

Allows active duty military and police under 21 to possess firearms regardless of increased risk of suicide.

Gives cities, counties, districts, and municipal corporations control to regulate carry of concealed guns.


7-12 Signed into law by Governor Kotek 6-21 Passed into law
6-15 (S) HB 2005-B12 passed our of Rules Committee to the Senate
6-15 (S) Work session is scheduled for June 15.
5-31 (S) First reading in the Senate, postponed from May 30, May 26, May 24.
5-2 (H) Third reading as Special Order of Business. Carried by Reynolds, Evans. Passed. Ayes, 35; Nays, 24--Boice, Boshart Davis, Breese-Iverson, Cate, Conrad, Cramer, Diehl, Elmer, Goodwin, Helfrich, Javadi, Levy B, Lewis, Mannix, McIntire, Morgan, Osborne, Owens, Reschke, Scharf, Smith G, Stout, Wallan, Wright; Excused, 1--Hieb.
5-2 (H) Vote explanation(s) filed by Conrad, Cramer, Elmer, Helfrich, Javadi.
4-12 (H) Rules suspended. Made a Special Order of Business on 05-02 Calendar.
4-11 (H) Rules suspended. Carried over to April 12, 2023 Calendar.
4-10 (H) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed B-Engrossed.
4-10 (H) Second reading.
4-7 (H) Work Session held.
4-4 (H) Returned to Full Committee.
4-4 (H) Work Session held.
3-31 (H) Assigned to Subcommittee On Public Safety.
3-30 (H) Referred to Ways and Means by order of Speaker.
3-30 (H) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments, be printed A-Engrossed, and be referred to Ways and Means.
3-30 (H) Work Session held
3-22 (H) Informational Meeting held, invited testimony only
3-22 (H) Public Hearing scheduled
1-11 (H) Referred to Judiciary
1-9 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk