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July 20: Fourth Anniversary of Cinemark Aurora Theater Shooting

By Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Today, July 20, is 4th anniversary of the Cinemark Aurora Theater Dark Knight shooting. Our thoughts are with all of America today because we all suffer from gun violence. Either having a loved one stolen by the greed of the nra, glock, bushmaster, beretta, smith & wesson, or having suffered the trauma of a gunshot or just living in America–we have all suffered from gun violence.
Our thoughts today are especially with are friends whose loved ones were taken at the Cinemark theater four years ago. Sandy and Lonnie and Jessie, we love you.
Cinemark is not marking the anniversary because they don’t want to remind people about the shooting.
As if we could forget.
Cinemark could mark this anniversary by dropping their legal action against the victims’ families.
Please call Cinemark today at 1-800-CINEMARk and ask for Mr. Meredith. Tell him to drop Cinemark’s lawsuit against the victims’ families. It’s the decent, humane and adult act to take and today is the perfect day to do it.