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Beaverton School District is in lockout. Demand change now!

By Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Tell your legislators that you demand a ban on the sale or transfer of assault rifles and a complete ban on the sale, transfer, or possession of high-capacity magazines (more than 10 bullets in a magazine). Tell them you demand strong, effective gun storage laws and research into gun violence and how to prevent it.

Email Beaverton Superintendent Grotting ( and tell him to support legislation that will ban the future sale of assault rifles and completely ban high-capacity magazines as well as strong, effective gun storage laws. Gun owners who are parents must be held liable when their children use their guns to intimidate, harass, injure, or kill. Finally, Oregon must fund research into gun violence and base public policy on academic, peer-reviewed studies.

It’s time to put students ahead of guns!

Find your Oregon state legislators here.

Ceasefire Oregon and Lift Every Voice Oregon are already working on two bills for the 2019 Oregon legislative session regulate assault rifles and ban high-capacity magazines. If the Oregon legislator does not act, we will take this issue to Oregonians on the 2020 ballot.

#WeWillNotWait! #WeCallBS!