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Amazing Turnout April 30 for IP 43 Signature Gatherer Training!

By Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Thank you to the one hundred and ten people who turned out last night at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland to learn how to gather signatures for IP 43! And our thanks to all of you who wanted to be there be could not. Don’t worry – we will be holding more trainings in other areas of the state and again in Portland.

I learned a lot and was so happy to see many beloved friends and activists who have been on the front lines of gun violence prevention for many years. It was great to see Liz, Hope, Sherry, Red, Joanne, Paul, “Docta” Lisa, David, Penelope, Ann, Marge, Lynette, Mark, Tamrah, Marilyn, Joe, Janie, Michael, and so many others who were there to lend their powerful support! Thank you! Nancie, JoAnn, Beth, Melissa –  you were missed but we will see you all another time!

Most of you know that the Attorney General’s office has issued the draft ballot title. The IP 43 committee is making comments. (Comments on the draft language are accepted until May 8.) After that, we will receive the official ballot title and will move forward soon with challenges at the Oregon Supreme Court.

We are still hoping to be able to begin signature gathering in the last part of June. But signatures are due July 6 so we need to be organized and trained!

Banning the future sale and transfer of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines is one of the best things we can do to remove these weapons of war from our communities and to stop mass shootings.

It’s time our country put the lives of Americans ahead of the profits reaped by the gun lobby from these obscene weapons of war. Thanks for making this happen!

Best wishes,


P.S. Read more about IP 43 here and sign up to volunteer here.