Ceasefire Oregon’s Position on 2017 State and Federal Bills

Some bill names have been coined by Ceasefire Oregon.

2017 Oregon State Bills Supported by Ceasefire Oregon

HB 2130: Child Access Prevention (CAP) Creates crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm. Support

SB 797: Firearm Safety Packages (Replaces HB 2237Support

SB 868 : Extreme Risk Protection Order Support

HJR 13 :Proposing amendment to Oregon Constitution relating to firearms Support

HB 2523: Safekeeping of Firearms  Support

HB 2526: Gun sellers must provide educational materials Support

HB 2592: Tax credit for gun safes Support

HB 2617: Expands CHL from 4 to 5 years, expands disqualifications Support EXCEPT Ceasefire Oregon does not support extending CHL licenses from 4 to 5 years.

HB 2808:State police to study reasons for concealed handgun license denials Support

SB 66: Psychiatric Security Review Board: Persons prohibited from possessing or purchasing guns Support

SB 232: Dispossession of guns for DVRO Support

SB 469: Fingerprint alternative (The Thumb Bill) Support

SB 764: State Police to study reasons for certain denials of concealed handgun licenses Support

SB 862: Law enforcement must notify respondent when firearms are returned to petitioner Support with suggested amendment on timelines.

2017 Oregon State Bills Opposed by Ceasefire Oregon

HB 2126: Repeal SB 941 and Deny Trace Data to Law Enforcement Oppose

HB 2127: Forced Mandated Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

HB 2172: Mandated CHL signs on private businesses

HB 2173: Guns in Public Fallacy Bill Oppose

HB 2840 : Tax credits for firearm background check fees and associated travel Oppose

HB 2973 : Repeal SB 941 Universal Background Checks Oppose

HB 2974 : Unnecessary exemptions from firearm background checks Oppose

HB 3107 : Special privileges for electeds with CHLs to carry in a building housing a court facility Oppose

HB 3108 : Expanded firearm privileges for parole/probation officers, whether they’re wanted or not. Oppose

HB 3271 : Repeals DAS Weapons in the Workplace Policy (See HB 3287) Oppose

HB 3281 : The “So you think a car is a gun safe?” Bill Oppose

HB 3287 : Repeals DAS Weapons in the Workplace Policy (See HB 3271) Oppose

HB 3306 : CHL holders with protection orders are exempt from DAS Weapons in Workplace Policy Oppose

SB 546: Participants in Address Confidentiality Program skip background checks Oppose

SB 548: Sheriff Shopping Bill  Oppose

SB 549: Expanding non-tested CHL to retired parole and probation officers. Oppose

SB 552: Forced Mandated Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

SB 553: Removes OSP as point of contact for background checks Oppose

SB 554: Increased penalties for use or threatened use of firearm. Oppose

SB 655: Forced Mandated Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

SB 668 : Court shopping for CHL denials, revocations Oppose

SB 669 : CHL holders exempt from firearm background checks; removes OSP from background check process Oppose

SB 670 : Reduce CHL age requirement to 18 for service members Oppose

SB 675: Concealed carry without license or training; expands background check loophole Oppose

SB 679 : School districts prohibited from establishing policies regulating, restricting, or prohibiting firearms Oppose

SB 681 : Relaxes laws relating to possession of firearms, including organized militia Oppose

SB 775: CHL holders exempt from firearm background checks Oppose

SB 804: Allows temporary transfer of firearm without a background check for certain activities related to hunting, trapping, target shooting. Oppose

SB 854 : Expanding exemptions for background checks Oppose

SB 855 : “Yeah, er, THAT’S where I was headed.” A bill creating excuses for carrying a hidden gun without a license or training Oppose

SB 902 : Altering firearm transfer register requirements Oppose

SB 903 : Fingerprint Alternative, Electronic Background Checks, Authorizes Use of BATFE Form  Neutral

SB 920 : Forced Mandated Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

SB 923 : Permitting concealed carry for certain people without training or licensing Oppose


Ceasefire Oregon’s Position on 2017 Federal Bills (115th Congress)

HR 34: Ban Gun-Free School Zones Oppose

HR 38: Forced Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

HR 57: Accidental Firearms Transfers Reporting Act Support

HR 62: Gun Violence Reduction Resources Act Support

HR 358: Interstate Transportation of Firearms or Ammunition Oppose

HR 367: Deadly Silence Act/Hearing Protection Act Oppose

S 72: Counterterror Alert Act Support

S 446: Forced Concealed Carry (Reciprocity) Oppose

S.J.Res.14: Social Security Administration may NOT report mentally impaired beneficiaries to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Oppose. Already passed in House and Senate. This bill was passed under an identical House Bill: H.J.Res.40 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Social Security Administration relating to Implementation of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007. Identical billCRS02/28/2017 Became Public Law No: 115-8.