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Ceasefire Oregon condemns effigy burning of Governor Brown

By Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Ceasefire Oregon and the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation condemn today’s reprehensible actions by gun extremists directed toward Governor Kate Brown. The act of hanging and burning an effigy of Oregon’s governor lays bare the violent agenda of those who participated. We call on Oregon’s leaders from all political parties to join us in condemning this action.

We further call on the organizers of today’s rally, The Oregon Council on Firearm Rights and the Gun Rights Coalition, as well as the Oregon Firearms Federation and the National Rifle Association, to condemn the actions and rhetoric that occurred today.

Finally, Ceasefire Oregon calls for a ban on carrying firearms on the Capitol grounds or into the Capitol building, with the exception of those lawfully carried by law enforcement and the military. Today’s outrageous events prove that allowing concealed handgun license holders to carry loaded, hidden guns into our State Capitol building is intended by some to harass and intimidate Oregon citizens. Oregon’s leaders must finally acknowledge that carrying firearms into the Capitol is harassment and intimidation, not an “exercise of Constitutional rights.”

For many decades, the world has dealt with extremists who harass and attack public officials. To be silent is to tolerate hate and to be complicit in any future acts carried out by these extreme groups.

Ceasefire Oregon thanks Governor Brown for her courageous work to reduce gun violence. We will not be silent.