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An Honest Look at Oregon’s Gun Violence Problem

The 2017 Oregon Legislature convenes today. A number of proposals to reduce the risk of gun-related deaths and injuries stemming from criminal activity, unintentional shootings, and suicide have already been introduced and more are expected. Ceasefire Oregon supports effective, fact-based … read more

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“I Seek Change.” By Guest Blogger Alexander

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my father’s suicide by gunfire. He was 70 years old on this day six years ago. I celebrate this in my own way.  I celebrate his life and I celebrate my recognition of his illness … read more

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How to save a life.

Did you know? In Oregon, at least one person every day takes his life by shooting himself to death. Lines for Life: 800-273-8255 OR TEXT ‘273TALK’ TO 839863 Each year an average of 379 people in Oregon committed suicide using a gun. The … read more