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Be The Rebuilder Of Our Great Nation

By Penny Okamoto, Executive Director of Ceasefire Oregon

Be The Rebuilder Of Our Great Nation
The eyes of the world are upon our country but, more importantly, the eyes of our children are upon us.
We cannot afford the luxury of despair.
We must not blink in the face of hatred.
We will find strength within ourselves and our country.
If you are frightened, straighten your back and stand taller.
If you despair, dig deeper to find your courage.
If you don’t know the next step to take, look to your friends and community leaders.
With us, you will find respite from this storm.
People might have imperfect answers but together we will move forward toward a more perfect union.
Revel in your chance to be part of a movement for peace, love, and acceptance.
Claim out loud your new opportunity to disarm hate, elevate our children, and reject ignorance.
Be inspired by the great strides America has made and, in turn, be the one who makes those strides for your great nation.
Those of us in the gun violence prevention community and all social justice communities have spent years fighting the killings, the injustice, the ignorance and the greed. We all know how hard the coming four years will be.
We’ve witnessed firsthand the aftermath of politicos who turn away from human decency to take up the coin of plutocracy and greed. But we’ve also witnessed, and have been midwife to, a great change across the nation. A change, a growth, an evolution of a nation that no longer accepts abuse, hatred, ignorance and poverty as a fact of life.
We know we have a monumental, unprecedented task before us. But not only do we remain undaunted, we are emboldened. We willingly, gladly take on the mantle of being the keepers of love, decency and compassionate justice in our great nation.
No, we cannot afford the luxury of despair. But in truth, we need not despair. The task before us is great. It is truly awesome. But no one is better equipped for the task at hand than we are. For truly, we are, and must be, the builders of our children’s future and the rebuilders of our great nation.