HB 2705 : Voluntary “Do Not Sell List” for Firearms

Position: Support Status: July 1, 2019: End of session, bill was not passed

Directs Department of State Police to establish voluntary firearm Do Not Sell List using secure Internet website.


This bill is unlikely to pass in the 2019 session January 15, 2019: Referred to House Judiciary Committee with subsequent referral to Joint Committee On Ways and Means January 14, 2019: Introduced by Rep. Rayfield

  • Specifies requirements of website and procedures for adding and removing participants from list.
  • Creates offense of unlawful transfer of a firearm to a Do Not Sell List participant.
    • Punishes by maximum of $1,000 fine.
  • Creates crime of making a false statement in connection with the Do Not Sell List.
    • Punishes by maximum of five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both.
  • Creates civil cause of action if person inquires about or considers person’s status or previous status on Do Not Sell List when determining eligibility for certain purposes.
  • Prohibits court from considering participation on list, or request to be added to or removed from list, in any legal proceedings except in specified circumstances.
  • Provides that it is unlawful employment practice to obtain or use for employment purposes status of employee or applicant as participant or previous participant on Do Not Sell List.