HB 2287 : Teaching “Gun Safety” in 6th Grade: AKA The Gun Lobby’s Jobs Bill

Position: Oppose Status: Failed to pass out of House Education Committee

Authorizes school district to allow firearm safety instruction to eleven-year-old students on school property.


January 15, 2019: Referred to House Committee on Education Introduced January 14, 2019 by Rep. Witt

This bill is based on IP 6 and IP 11, both of which are attempts to place similar bills on the 2020 ballot.

Without a hint of evidence that this program will reduce crime or firearm-related injury or death, the Oregon gun lobby wants the schools to hire them, their friends, and their guns to teach eleven-year-olds “gun safety” at TAXPAYER expense.

We are particularly surprised that Rep. Witt is sponsoring this bill in light of the insults hurled at Rep. Witt just days before he introduced this bill.