SB 548 : Sheriff Shopping Bill

Position: Oppose Status: Referred to Judiciary Committee

Authorizes sheriff of county to issue concealed handgun license to any qualified person who is a resident of Oregon.


1-17-17: Referred to Judiciary. 1-9-17: Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk. Chief Sponsor: Senator Thatcher

Current Oregon law states that a sheriff grant CHLs to people only in their county.

  • Sheriffs have the right to refuse to grant a CHL if the sheriff has concern that the CHL applicant could be harmful to self of others. (For example, perhaps the sheriff knows of a prior suicide attempt or domestic abuse that is not part of public record.)
  • SB 548 would allow a CHL applicant to apply to another county sheriff. The other sheriff might not be aware of the applicant’s history.