S 2009 : Background Checks for Every Gun Sale

Position: Support Status: Died in a previous Congress

A bill to require background checks for every firearm sale.


Introduced October 25, 2017 by Senator Christopher Murphy (D-CT) Both Oregon Senators (Senator Wyden and Senator Merkley) have cosponsored this bill. 40 Cosponsors (39 D, 1I)

Under current federal law, background checks are only required at federal licensed firearms dealers (FFLs). Criminals easily circumvent the law by purchasing guns at private sales or at gun shows. In Oregon, the gun show loophole was closed in 2000 and the Oregon Firearm Safety Act (SB 941) requires background checks on all firearm sales expect for those between immediate family members.

According to a February 2018 Quinnipiac poll, 97% of gun owners and 97% of non-gun owners support background checks for all sales.