HB 2936 : Repeals Oregon’s Firearm Storage and Lost/Stolen Reporting Law

Position: Oppose Status: House Judiciary Committee

Repeals Oregon's 2021 bill, SB 554B. Forces schools and public buildings to permit concealed handguns into public schools, the Portland airport terminal, and the Oregon State Capitol building. Repeals the requirement to report a lost or stolen firearm (allowing gun traffickers to flourish). Shifts more costs of obtaining a concealed handgun license to taxpayers.


1-9 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk
1-16 (H) Referred to Judiciary

Hearings have not been scheduled for this bill, therefore, the bill is unlikely to move forward in the 2023 legislative session.

Repeals requirement to secure firearm in specified circumstances. Repeals requirement to secure firearm prior to transfer. Repeals requirement to report loss or theft of firearm within certain time of loss or theft. Repeals requirement to directly supervise use of firearm by minor after transfer of firearm to minor. Repeals provisions limiting possession of firearms by concealed handgun licensees in Capitol, certain airport buildings and certain school grounds. Repeals affirmative defense to charge of possessing weapon in public building for person possessing firearm in airport in accordance with federal law. Reduces fees payable to county sheriff for issuance and renewal of concealed handgun license.