HR 3458 : Microstamping certain semiautomatic pistols (The MICRO Act)

Position: Support Status: Died in a previous Congress

H.R. 3458: To require certain semiautomatic pistols manufactured, imported, or sold by Federal firearms licensees to be capable of microstamping ammunition, and the prohibit the removal, obliteration, or alteration of the microstamped code or microstamping capability of a firearm.


Introduced by Rep.Anthony Brown (D - MD4) 16 cosponsors (16 D)

Microstamping is part of Ceasefire Oregon’s Plan to Reduce Gun Violence.

Lizotte TE and Ohar O. 2008. Forensic firearm identification of semiautomatic handguns using laser formed microstamping elements. SPIE Proceedings 7070: 1-15