IP 8 : Common Firearms Act AKA Common Mass Shootings Act

Position: Oppose Status: Attempting to collect 149,360 signatures

The Oregon gun lobby wants to take away YOUR voice to demand laws to reduce gun violence, and they want to take away Oregon legislator's right to do so as well.

IP 8 would put an end to firearm safety legislation in Oregon including bills passed by our Oregon legislators and initiative petitions. In addition, the gun lobby wants to be sure that weapons of war like AR15s and AK 47s are readily available for the mass shootings that are now common place in America.


IP 8 is an initiative petition for the 2020 election in Oregon. The IP supporters have collected the initial set of sponsorship signatures and is now waiting for a proper ballot title. IP 8 demands a change in Oregon's Constitution and requires 149,360 signatures to be placed on the ballot for 2020.

The Oregon gun lobby wants to retaliate against Oregonians for attempting to pass laws that require safe storage for firearms (IP 44) and to ban the future sale or transfer of assault weapons (IP 43).

Their idea of punishment is to take away YOUR right and the right of the Oregon legislature to make any future firearm-safety laws and to nullify any firearm-related laws passed since July 1, 2018 that these extremists don’t like. The gun lobby also wants to enshrine their right to sell weapons of war by making the guns used in mass shootings a right to own and possess under the Oregon Constitution.

Why? Just to sell more guns.

Ceasefire Oregon, Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO), and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense have joined together to stop the gun lobby from putting gun profits ahead of the lives of our families and children. We filed comments to challenge the ballot title and constitutionality of this shocking power grab. Be sure to check back here for more details or sign up here to receive regular updates.

Update on IP 8 ballot title:

The ballot title submitted by IP 8 petitioners was: “Amends Constitution: Right to bear arms includes possession, use, transfer of firearms/accessories currently allowed; limits regulation”

After Ceasefire Oregon in conjunction with Lift Every Voice Oregon and Everytown (Moms Demand Action) challenged the original ballot title, the Attorney General’s office issued a new ballot title on  October 24, 2018. This title reads, “Amends Constitution: Creates constitutional right to possess, use, transfer semiautomatic, other firearms. Limits new firearm regulations. Retroactive.”

Update on IP 8 “Yes” statement:

The petitioners submitted the following language for the “Yes” statement:

Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote amends constitutional right to bear arms: includes possession, use, transfer of guns/accessories currently allowed for civilians. Limits government regulation of firearms/accessories.

Based on our challenge, the Attorney General changed that “Yes: statement:

Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote creates constitutional right to possess, use, transfer semiautomatic, other firearms currently allowed by federal statutes; nullifies 2018 domestic abuser restriction; limits new regulations. (Emphasis Ceasefire Oregon)