SB 1065 : Firearms Safety Package

Position: Support Status: Senate Committee on Rules

This bill combines the previous bills, SB 797 and SB 764, into one bill.


Shockingly, Oregon Democratic leadership allowed this bill to die in committee. 5-23-17: Referred to Rules Committee 5-22-17: Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk. Chief Sponsors: Senators Prozanski and Burdick, Representative Williamson

  • Charleston Loophole: allows 14 days for a background check to be completed rather than the current time of 3 days.
    • The bill states “14 days” and not “business days.”
      • While Ceasefire Oregon supports this section of the bill, we still urge lawmakers to prohibit a firearm purchase until a background check is complete. (No check, no sale.)
    • The bill allows the disqualified purchaser to present information to Oregon State Police (OSP) regarding the disqualification.
    • The department must determine, within five days of receiving any additional information from the disqualified purchaser, whether the purchaser is qualified to complete a transfer of a firearm and to notify the purchaser of the determination.
  • Closes Dating Partner Loophole.
  • No guns for stalkers.
  • Changes requirements for concealed handgun licenses:
    • Increased requirements for CHL applicants:
      • Completion of a live fire practice exercise, including a minimum of 25 rounds fired;
      • Training in the safe loading, unloading, storing and carrying of handguns and information on Oregon and relevant federal laws governing the lawful use of a firearm, including self-defense, the use of force, including deadly force, and the transportation and concealment of handguns; evidence of experience with a handgun equivalent to the live fire practice exercise and the course or class through participation in an organized shooting competition or military service.
      • Course may not be completed through the internet or other electronic means.
    • Honorably retired parole and probation officers may have concealed handgun license privileges.
      • Ceasefire Oregon opposes the expansion of CHL privileges as unnecessary. All CHL applicants should be subject to the same requirements.
    • Licenses must be renewed every five years. Current licenses are good for four years.
      • Ceasefire Oregon opposes extending the licensing. An extension increases the amount of time a CHL holder must undergo another background and pass increased training requirements.
    • Servicemembers who are 18 years of age or older are permitted to have CHLs. Currently everyone must be at least 21 years old.
      • Ceasefire Oregon opposes this section based on input from retired military members.
  • Provides additional tools and requirements for law enforcement to enforce Oregon’s universal firearm background check law (Oregon Firearm Safety Act, SB 941).
  • Alls firearm purchaser to use an alternative fingerprint if the purchaser is unable to provide a thumbprint.
  • Participants in the Address Confidentiality Program or Continuous Traveler Program may request a background check for a firearm sale by a telephone call to the Oregon State Police rather than appearing in person at a federally licensed firearms dealer.