SB 503 : Firearm Reciprocity

Position: Oppose Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary and Ballot Measure 110 Implementation

Provides person with privileges and legal defenses available to person with Oregon concealed handgun license if person is licensed to carry concealed handgun in another state that recognizes Oregon concealed handgun licenses.


Jan 19, 2021: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee Jan 11, 2021: Introduced by Senator Kim Thatcher with no other sponsors.

Firearm reciprocity permits Oregon to recognize concealed handgun licenses (CHL) from one state and allows Oregon CHL holders to carry hidden, loaded guns in that state.

Reciprocity saves a few Oregonians a few dollars and some paperwork but puts the burden of an increased number of people carrying loaded, hidden guns in Oregon on the rest of us. This bill is introduced almost every session and is wisely defeated every session.

In the past, similar bills have failed because Oregon CHL requirements are so low that no other state will accept (recognize) the license. Even Texas has far stronger CHL standards than Oregon.