SB 738 : Firearm Reciprocity Senate Version

Position: Oppose Status: Senate Judiciary Committee

Provides person with privileges and legal defenses available to person with Oregon concealed handgun license if person is licensed to carry concealed handgun in another state that recognizes Oregon concealed handgun licenses.


1-17 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk
1-17 (S) Referred to Judiciary

Hearings have not been scheduled for this bill, therefore, the bill is unlikely to move forward in the 2023 legislative session.

This is the Senate version of House Bill 2586.

Concealed carry firearm reciprocity allows a person with a concealed carry license in one state to carry a concealed gun in another state.  Some states do not require any training or have any standards for carrying a concealed gun. That means Oregonians bear the unnecessary weight of untrained, non-Oregonians carrying loaded, hidden guns in our communities.

Additionally, Oregon concealed carry laws are so weak that even Texas rejects Oregon’s concealed carry licenses.

People who live in states bordering Oregon already have the ability to apply Oregon sheriffs for a concealed carry license.

This bill is unnecessary and puts all Oregonians at risk.