SB 903 : Fingerprint Alternative, Electronic Background Checks, Authorizes Use of BATFE Form

Position: Neutral Status: Senate Committee on Judiciary

This bill is no longer active.

Requires gun dealer to substitute alternative fingerprint for criminal background check if firearm purchaser is unable to provide thumbprint.

Authorizes Department of State Police to accept requests and provide results for firearm transfer criminal background checks electronically.

Authorizes department to accept transaction record form issued by federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that includes thumbprint in lieu of firearms transaction thumbprint form


3-2-17: Referred to Judiciary. 2-28-17: Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk. Chief Sponsor: Senator Boquist at the request of Ted Campbell Note: Ted Campbell has requested Senator Boquist to file other bills in past, including a bill to require licensing and registration of cyclists and bikes (but not guns).