Firearm Export Rule Change : Federal Firearm Export Rule Change

Position: Oppose Status: Accepting comments at US Department of State and US Department of Commerce

A proposed federal rule would change the oversight of gun exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department. The American gun industry has been fighting for this change so they can increase their overseas profits.

Under the rule change, American-made guns, including semi-automatics like AR-15s, could easily find their way into the hands of crimnals and terrorists overseas.


Comments are being accepted until 9:00 PM Pacific Times, July 9, 2018.

Here’s what to do:
Click this link. When the page opens write this in the comment section: I oppose moving export license oversight for firearms from the State Department to the Commerce Department. The proposed rule change eliminates necessary Congressional oversight for gun export deals; places the cost of processing licenses on the U.S. taxpayers; enables 3D printing of firearms; and allows weapons of war to more easily proliferate throughout the world. The rule change increases the profits to the American gun industry while the entire world pays the cost in lives.
Please add in your own comments if you have time to do so.

Here’s what the proposed rule change will do:
  • eliminate Congressional oversight for important gun export deals;
  • transfer the cost of processing licenses from gun manufacturers to taxpayers;
  • enable unchecked gun production in the U.S. and exports abroad by removing the block on 3D printing of firearms;
  • reduce transparency and reporting on gun exports; and
  • transfer gun export licensing from an agency with a mission to promote stability, conflict reduction, and human rights, to an agency with a mission to promote trade and which lacks the resources to adequately enforce export controls.