SB 854 : Expanding exemptions for background checks

Position: Oppose Status: Referral to President's desk

This bill is no longer active.

A person is exempt from firearm background checks if the person is a participant in the Address Confidentiality Program, or is protected by a stalking protection order, or a restraining order, or has an Oregon driver license bearing a "Continuous Traveler" residence address.

Chief Sponsors: Senator Olsen, Baertschiger Jr
Regular Sponsors: Senator Knopp, Linthicum, Thatcher


2-23-17: Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.

According to the Address Confidentiality Program website, a substitute address is used to protect domestic violence victims. SB 854 stipulates an exemption from background checks which isn’t needed if a substitute address can be used. One may assume the bill sponsors wish to better protect domestic violence victims. A solution is to add the background check system to the Address Confidentiality Program list.

If the legislators allow this exemption, will they also exempt the same groups from the requirement to have a drivers license?

People who are “Continuous Travelers” must be required to undergo background checks just as all Oregonians do.