HB 2013 : Close ERPO loophole, Remove Guns from Domestic Violence Abusers

Position: Support Status: Waiting for House floor vote

SB 2013 passed out of the Oregon House on April 23 and now moves to the Senate. This bill closes a dangerous loophole in the Extreme Risk Protection Order law and provides tools and confirmation procedures for police to remove firearms from people convicted of domestic violence.


4-23 (H) Third reading. Carried by Williamson. Passed. Ayes, 43; Nays, 15--Barreto, Bonham, Boshart Davis, Drazan, Hayden, Leif, Nearman, Post, Reschke, Smith DB, Sprenger, Stark, Wallan, Wilson, Zika; Excused, 1--Marsh; Excused for Business of the House, 1--Witt. Rules suspended. Carried over to April 23, 2019 Calendar. 4-22 (H) Third reading in House, vote expected 4-9 (H) Work Session held. Voted out of House Judiciary Committee. Only 2 nay votes were Representatives Sprenger and Stark 4-2 (H) Public Hearing held. 3-28 (H) Referred to Judiciary. 3-27 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk. Introduced by Representatives Williamson and Prusak

Please contact your Oregon House Representative to say that you support HB 2013. Find your Representative here.

HB 2013 addresses these issues:

  • People subject to certain court protective orders like Extreme Risk Protection Order are prohibited from possessing firearms if they had opportunity to have a hearing and did not request a hearing or withdrew a request before hearing occurred.
  • Requires court to order relinquishment of firearms when person is convicted of certain domestic violence offenses or subject to certain court orders.
  • Requires person to transfer firearms within 24 hours of court order.
  • Requires court to notify district attorney and Department of State Police if person does not file affidavit or declaration concerning possession of firearms.
  • Requires law enforcement agency that takes custody of firearms pursuant to relinquishment order to notify Department of Justice and perform criminal background check prior to law enforcement agency’s return of firearms.
  • Declares emergency, effective on passage.