Ceasefire Oregon Advocacy

Ceasefire Oregon Advocacy

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Make Your Voice Heard

When a bill that would endanger the safety of Oregonians comes before a legislative committee or to the House or Senate floor, your legislators need to hear from you. They hear frequently from the gun lobby and its followers. Your calls and messages urging your legislators to vote against dangerous bills are essential. Our legislators need to understand that we want them to stand up to the NRA and other elements of the gun lobby. We want them to vote against bills that would make guns too easily available to people who should not have them.

If you share our concerns, please send us your email address, so we can contact you about gun bills that are being considered by the Oregon legislature and the U.S. Congress. We will contact you only when necessary; we promise not to inundate you with email. Click here to send us your email address, and we will let you know when your representatives need to hear from you. Make your voice heard when it counts!

Visit the Oregon legislature's website to find out who your representatives are and to obtain information on other House and Senate lawmakers. Email your representatives to let them know that their constituency wants them to vote for a safer Oregon.

For information on current Oregon laws, please see our summary of Oregon laws concerning gun violence. You may print the PDF on both sides of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and then fold the paper twice to create a three-panel brochure. You are welcome to print and distribute the brochures.

To help with our work, please contact us at ceasefireoregon@gmail.com or 503.220.1669.

Work in the Oregon Legislature

Ceasefire Oregon has worked very hard for many years to defeat dangerous bills introduced by the gun lobby in the Oregon legislature. Many thanks to all our friends and supporters who have helped defeat those terrible bills.

Thank you for your help.